Purdue Pharma (Canada)

A research-based pharmaceutical company in Pickering, Ontario, Purdue Pharma (Canada) is committed to improving patient health and well-being, by developing innovative medicines and supporting quality education for the safe use of its products.

Purdue Canada is a recognized leader in research and development of products for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. Its portfolio of products also includes medication for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Purdue Canada is part of a privately-owned global network of independently-associated companies, including Purdue LP, Mundipharma, Napp and Rhodes. Purdue began business operations in Canada in 1956 in Montréal. In 1958, the company moved to Toronto and relocated to its present headquarters in Pickering, Ontario in 1990. Today, Purdue employs more than 350 people across Canada and has full research, clinical, regulatory, manufacturing and commercial capabilities.

For more information about Purdue Canada visit www.purdue.ca.